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Conference for Reinstating Cultural Co-operation in South-East-Europe
organised by ERICArts and FINN-EKVIT, together with the regional organisers
"Blue Dragon" NGO (Sremski Karlovci)
The Goethe-Institute (Sarajevo)

The Conference is supported by

the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture
in the context of the Finnish Presidency of the EU,
the Finnish National Commission for UNESCO,
the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
the Austrian Federal Chancellery and
KulturKontakt Austria


Re-establishing and re-vitalising transborder artistic and cultural ties within the Balkans, between its nations and with other European countries, is not only important for the return of mutual trust between different peoples. It is, as well, a precondition for the moral and economic reconstruction of this Region and for upholding cultural diversity in all parts of Europe. It is therefore imperative to initiate concrete projects which can lead to mutual understanding, tolerance and pluralism. Interregional co-operation among independent practitioners in the arts and media as well as through the culture industries are key to help to fulfil these goals. The Conference is designed to identify suitable projects, to explore possibilities for organising and financing them as well as to facilitate dialogue among the relevant actors, including policy makers and international organisations.

Concrete projects should be initiated in two fields: First, cultural exchange among artists and art institutions from in- and outside of the Balkans and, second, the development of independent culture industries. While problems of artistic and intellectual exchanges have been addressed frequently at other meetings during the last months, the crucial role of the culture industries and media production in the reconstruction process has been largely ignored. As underlined in the Declaration of the EU-Conference in Essen, May 21, 1999, the culture industries (including, book publishing, film, music and AV production, fine art trade etc.) "can reinforce endogenous regional potentials and improve the underlying conditions affecting general economic development"; in other words, they could contribute to a democratic cultural environment in the Balkans.

Sustainable transborder projects will certainly, under the present conditions in the region, need resources, bank guarantees or at least some "seed money". Given the well-known economic and societal dynamics of the culture industries, the new Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe will surely have to consider such projects or programmes in its reconstruction agenda. If, in addition, more specific funds or sponsorship programmes are required, the European Cultural Foundation has, in principle, expressed its willingness to act as an administrative host.

The Programe Committee for the Conference includes: Dubravko Bibanovic (Sarajevo), Danielle Cliche (Bonn), Ritva Mitchell (Helsinki), Dimitrije Vujadinovic (Sremski Karlovci), Andreas Joh. Wiesand (Bonn).

Thursday, DECEMBER 2 1999

Arrival of participants at the Hotel "Bosnia", Kulovica 9, Sarajevo, Tel. +397-71-471251

18h00 Opening (Hotel "Bosnia", Congress Hall)


  • Mustafa Mujezinovic (Guverner -The Canton of Sarajevo)
  • Pirkko Rainesalo (Vice President of the Culture Committee of the Council of Europe)
  • NN (German Embassy, Sarajevo and/or Hans Koschnick)
  • Norbert Riedl (Austrian Fed. Chancellery)
  • Andreas Wiesand (ERICArts / Zentrum für Kulturforschung, Bonn)
Introduction into the aims and the socio-political frame for the Conference
  • Ritva Mitchell (FINN-EKVIT / ERICArts,

  • Helsinki)

19h30 Welcome reception

offered by the Goethe Institute Sarajevo
(Hotel "Bosnia")

Opening by: Carmen Scher (Director)*

Friday, DECEMBER 3 1999

09h00 First Plenary (Hotel "Bosnia")

Chair: Nada Svob-Djokic (Culturelink, Zagreb)

  • Dimitrije Vujadinovic ("The Blue Dragon"-Association, Sremski Karlovci)

  • The Cultural Situation in the Balkan Region

  • Philip Krippendorf (Literaturwerkstatt Berlin)

  • Why East-West Cultural Exchanges?

Discussion, Coffee

10h30 Second Plenary (Hotel "Bosnia" Congress hall )

New Modes of Creation, New Modes of Co-operation:
Presentations of Case Studies, Experimental Programmes and Research Results

Chair: Kathrine Winkelhorn (Danish Culture Institute, Copenhagen)

  • Annemarie Türk (KulturKontakt, Vienna)

  • The new Translation Programme of the European Cultural Foundation and Kultur Kontakt A Model of Culture Funds for the Balkans?

  •  Enver Hadziomerspahic (Ars Aevi, Sarajevo/Florence)

  • Sarajevo Museum of Contemporary Art An International Project

  • Vera Boltho (Council of Europe, Strasbourg)

  • The MOSAIC Programme and its Potential Role in the Follow-up Process

  • Uros Djuric (Belgrade, Serbia)
REMONT new possibilities for transborder co-operation in the visual/multimedia arts

12h45 Introduction of the Workshops

Danielle Cliche (ERICArts):

Workshop participants will be asked to:

  • Discuss the practical results of transborder co-operation
  • Identify concrete problems/barriers for transborder co-operation and formulate suggestions for how to overcome them
  • Produce ideas for future common transborder projects between:
    1. South East European partners
    2. South-East Europeans partners with other European countries (projects originating in both regions)
13h00 Lunch /Restaurant "Lovac"

14h30 to 17h30 Parallel workshops:

WORKSHOP 1: Hotel "Bosnia", Hall A

The role of the culture industries in regional development and economic, political and social reconstruction in the Balkans

Chair: Ralph Ebert (STADTArt Dortmund)

Rapporteur: Gojko Miskovic (City Council of Sombor)

WORKSHOP 2: The National Theatre, White Hall

The role of performing arts including: theatre, music, festival and other cultural events

Chair: Dubravko Bibanovic (Theatre director, Sarajevo)

Rapporteur: Ferdinand Richard (Aide aux Musiques Innovatrice, Marseille)

WORKSHOP 3: Hotel "Bosnia", Hall B

The role of literature incl. publishing industries, writers, translators, press, libraries, bookshops

Chair: Liisa Steffa (Otava Publishing, Helsinki)

Rapporteur: Darko Hohnjec (Gutenberg/MARITIMA, Novi Sad/Podgorica)

WORKSHOP 4: Gallery "Roman Petrovic"

The role of visual arts including: design, painting, multimedia art, art museums, galleries

Chair: Mensud Keco (President of Associations of Bosnian Painters, Sarajevo)

Rapporteur: Dean Zahtila (Labin Art Express, Labin)

18h00 Third Plenary (Hotel "Bosnia", Congress Hall)

Progress Reports from Workshops

Chair: Norbert Riedl (Austrian Fed. Chancellery)


20h00 Dinner (Restaurant "Press Club")

Saturday, DECEMBER 4 1999

09h30 Continuation of the Workshops 1-4
(same locations as Dec. 3)

12h00 Visit to the National Gallery ULUBH

Exhibition by the Bosnian painter Alije Hafizovic-Haf

12h30 Lunch (Restaurant "Aeroklub" with a possibility to visit the old market in the centre of
Sarajevo afterwards)

15h00 Fourth Plenary (Hotel "Bosnia" Congress Hall)

Presentation of Workshop Results by the Rapporteurs

Chair: Dimitrije Vujadinovic (The Blue Dragon - Association, Sremski Karlovci)



16h15 Fifth Plenary (Hotel "Bosnia")

Chair: Ritva Mitchell (FINN-EKVIT / ERICArts)


  • Christopher Gordon (Regional Art Boards, England)
  • Milena Sesic-Dragicevic (Faculty of drama art, Belgrade)
  • Ibrahim Spahic (International Festival "Sarajevo Winter", Sarajevo)
Comments on Results and Proposals for Follow-up and Implementation
  • Pirkko Rainesalo (Vice President of the Culture Committee of the Council of Europe)
  • Stefan Dreyer (Goethe-Institut, Munich)
  • Other Comments
17h45 Closing of the meeting
  • Andreas Wiesand (ERICArts/ZfKf)
20h00 Dinner (Restaurant "Amerikanac")


Participants list- Sarajevo Conference 2-4 December 1999

No. Name Institution
  1. Babic, Stasa 
Vice-President of Center for Cultural Studies Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Babic-Milovanovic, Marija 
Music producer Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Biscei Eva 
Artistis Group "Trafo" Budapest (Hungary)
  • Bibanovic, Dubravko 
Theatre director Sarajevo (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Bibanovic, Zoran 
Director of agency "OTAS" Sarajevo (Federation of BIH)
  • Boltho, Vera 
Council of Europe Strasbourg (France)
  • Cliche, Danielle 
ERICArts Bonn (Germany/Canada)
  • Djuric, Uros 
Painter, member of REMONT (Indep. Ass. of artists) Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Dreyer, Stefan 
Goethe-Institute Munich (Germany)
  • Ebert, Ralph 
StadtArt Dortmund (Germany)
  • Enzler, Yanna 
Swiss Embassy/Pro Helvetia, Sarajevo Sarajevo (Federation of BIH)
  • Gordon, Christopher 
Regional Arts Board Hampshire (UK)
  • Hadziomerspahic, Enver 
Ars Aevi Sarajevo/Florence
  • Hamovic, Zoran 
Director of Publishing house "Clio" Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Henrikson, Jan 
Head of Regional Development Department Norrbotten (Sweden)
  • Hoknjec, Darko 
Director of book trading company "Gutenberg" Novi Sad (Vojvodina-Serbia)
  • Imamovic, Zlata 
Director of Bosnia Culture Centre Travnik (Federation of BIH)
  • Jurisic, Marko 
Director of book trade company "Markom" Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Kampel, Ivan 
Director of publishing house MARITIMA Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • Karanfilov, Vanco 
Editor in chief, publishing house "Tabernakul" Skopje (FYR Macedonia)
  • Keco, Mensud 
Painter, President of Association of Bosnian Painters Sarajevo (Federation of BIH)
  • Klassen, Saskia 
Historisches Museum Aargau/Pro Helvetia Foundation Lenzburg (Switzerland)
  • Krippendorff, Philip 
ARTEFAKT Berlin (Germany)
  • Linden, Suvi 
Finnish Minister of Culture Helsinki (Finland)
  • Ljubimovic Janko 
International Student Film Festival Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • Martino, Valerie 
Cultural Contact Point Paris (France)
  • Maslovaric, Biljana 
Institute for Open Society Montenegro Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • Miskovic, Gojko 
City Council of Sombor Sombor (Serbia)
  • Mitchell, Ritva 
FINN-EKVIT / ERICArts Helsinki (Finland)
  • Moring, Kirsikka 
Theatre specialist - Helsingin Sanomat Helsinki (Finland)
  • Mudova, Rajmonda 
Director of ATA Centre for Contemporary Art Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Nagy, Marta 
Contemporary art manager Budapest (Hungary)
  • Nejasmic, Miso 
Jesenski & Turk, publishing house Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Pandilovski, Melentije 
Centar for Modern Art Skoplje (FYR Macedonia)
  • Pankov, Zlatko 
Director of PANEKS Skoplje (FYR Macedonia)
  • Pasic, Mirza 
Film produces Sarajevo (Federation of BIH)
  • Popovic, Mijo 
Association of Independent Writers, Group 99 Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • Radovic, Danica 
Media Specialist Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Rainesalo, Pirkko 
Vice President, Culture Committee, Council of Europe Helsinki (Finland)
  • Rastas, Perttu 
Multimedia producer, Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki (Finland)
  • Richard, Ferdinand 
Aide aux Musiques Innovatrice Marseille (France)
  • Riedl, Norbert 
Austrian Federal Chancellery Vienna (Austria)
  • Rogic, Sinisa 
REX Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Sahinpasic, Tajib 
Director of publishing, book trade company 'Sahinpasic' Sarajevo (Federation of BIH)
  • Scher, Carmen 
Goethe Institute Sarajevo (Federation of BIH)
  • Schmidt, Fabian 
Süd-Ost Institut München (Germany)
Professor at faculty of drama art Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Simjanovska, Violeta 
Art manager Skopje (FYR Macedonia)
  • Spahic, Ibrahim 
International Festival "Sarajevo Winter" Sarajevo (Federation of BIH)
  • Steffa, Liisa 
Otava Publishing House Helsinki (Finland)
  • Svob-Djokic, Nada 
CULTURELINK/IMO Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Tadic, Ljilja 
Gallery "Zvono" Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Tangens, Rena 
Artist, multimedia networks Bielefeld (Germany)
  • Taylor, Caitlin 
Council of Europe Strasbourg (France)
  • Tiller, Chrissie 
Royal National Theatre - education London (UK)
  • Türk, Anne-Marie 
Kultur-Kontakt Vienna (Austria)
  • Vrazalic, Dejan 
Film manager, Director of VANS Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Vujadinovic, Dimitrije 
The Blue Dragon Belgrade/Sremski Karlovci (Serbia)
  • Weckmann, Jan Kenneth 
visual artist, Swedish Cultural Foundation Helsinki (Finland)
  • Wiesand, Andreas 
ERICArts / Zentrum für Kulturforschung Bonn (Germany)
  • Wischenbart, Rüdiger 
Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Winkelhorn, Kathrine 
Danish Cultural Institute Kopehnagen (Denmark)
  • Zahtila Dean 
Labin Art Expres Labin (Croatia)
  • Zivanovic Katarina 
REX Belgrade (Serbia