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Balkan Cultural Cooperation

BalkanKult is an association of institutions in the area of culture and cultural industry, as well as individuals (artists, explorers, producers etc.), founded in Belgrade on 12 Dec 1999 as a result and continuation of the international conference- "Reconstructing Cultural Productivity in the Balkans"- held in Sarajevo from 2 to 4 Dec.

The members of the founding committee of BalkanKult are the participants of the Sarajevo conference and institutions and individuals that helped to hold the initiative, ready to actively work on realizing the aims of the association.

The aim of the work of BalkanKult is communicational, professional and technical support to realization of intercultural projects, as well as to NGOs from the area of culture, directly or intermediately connected to the Balkan region.

The task is:

  • Informing European and international institutions and influential individuals about the cultural situation in the Region.

  • To help cultural industry, particularly intercultural cooperation to receive its deserved place i European and regional plans for re-establishing and development of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe ("lobbying for culture")

  • Lobbying at European and international institutions and foundations for receiving direct help for survival of the regional NGOs that work on international projects, but are facing numerous problems because of extremely difficult legal, economical and political situation.

  • Collecting information about the possibilities of concrete intercultural cooperation

  • Forming a referential data base of existing and potential intercultural projects that would help to realize cooperation between the authors of the project and institutions and individuals that are prepared to support the realization of the projects

  • Collecting and classifying referential data about international awards, grants, competitions, festivals in the area of culture, for the needs of the parties interested in competing

  • Forming a data base of individuals and institutions that cooperate via BalkanKult

  • Forming a data base of regional cultural institutions whose basic aim is intercultural linking and international cooperation

  • Establishing cooperation with related initiatives in the region and other parts of Europe