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Macedonian (PDF)
Balkan Art Network (BAN)

Was created at the "Initial Conference on 
Reconstructing Cultural Productivity in the Balkans",
Sarajevo, BiH 02-04 December 1999

From Art Production to Art Market
June 2000, Skopje, Macedonia 
September 2000, Labin, Croatia

Cultural workers, artists, independent art producers and NGOs in the SEE. Region express their deep concern and interest for creating transborder networks of communication, transportation and cultural facilities.

The goal of joining and creating common networks for communication and Art production is to establish conditions for a functioning art market to facilitate artist mobility and exchange of production and presentation of art work to enhance the awareness of local, regional and common problems as well as resources to work for an establishment of an open platform for funding the development of independent art production 
to support curatorial workshops and educational projects in the arts.

Proposals for the Conference of Reconstructing Cultural Productivity in the SEE Region (02/04 December 1999, Sarajevo):

Concrete actions:

1.Establishment of the Balkan Art Network / BAN in Sarajevo, 02/03 September, ULUBIH

temporary address:


1. Mensud Keco (ULUBIH),
2. Jan Kenneth (University of Art and Design, Helsinki), 
3. Pertu Rastas (KIASMA, Helsinki)
4. Sinisa Rogic (Cyber Rex, Sarajevo),
5. Katarina Zivanovic (Cyber Rex, Belgrade),
6. Borut Vild (CSU Beograd)
7. Branislava Andjelkovic (CSU Beograd/ Seminar for History and Theory of Art)
8. Uros Djuric (REMONT),
9. Ljiljana Tadic (ZVONO),
10. Eva Bicskei (Budapest, Museum of Contemporary Art LUDWIG),
11. Mart Nagy (Balkon, Contemporary Art Magazine, Budapest)
12. Melentie Pandilovski (Contemporary Art Center, Skopje),
13. Zlatko Pankov (PANEKS, Skopje),
14. Dunja Blazevic (SCSU Sarajevo),
15. Yvana Enzler (PRO HELVETIA, Sarajevo)

2. Following meetings with the topic From Art Production to Art Market will be organized at:

2.1. Ohrid, Macedonia, May 2000, within the Conference UDERSTANDING THE BALKANS, organized by the Contemporary Art Center Skopje

2.2. Labin, Croatia, CC LAMPARNA, September 2000, within the TRANS/ART Festival, organized by Labin Art Express

Both conferences will be dealing with:

a. Identifying NGOs, artist cooperatives, artists and cultural workers with interest in permanent communication and exchange of information, marketing and art production facilities

b. Discussions and future art projects, creation of conditions for art production and marketing

3. The BAN will organize and promote series of exhibitions of the Balkan Contemporary Art with aspecial stress on new media, video art, installation, conceptual art and performances in the major cities of the Balkans as well as all over Europe. BAN considers it of extreme importance to start the process of integrating local and emerging artists with the international scene, education and to open communication to the European cultural scenes and resources

We express our support to the project ARS AEVI in Sarajevo.

We expect financial support for the above noted goals and actions by the European funding bodies.